Meet our Medicare 101 Team – Spotlight on Maureen Sullivan

Maureen has been a trusted member of American Healthcare Group for 8 years. As a manager of supportive services and a service coordinator in an affordable housing unit, Maureen is well versed in the needs of the senior community. She has extensive knowledge in Medicare, Medicaid, government programs, Social Security, waiver programs, and local community resources for the elderly and disabled. Prior to working in affordable housing, she worked 9 years at Metropolitan Life Insurance in their Medicare claims processing department.


The Best Value

Every case is different. As Medicare policies and people’s needs change yearly, we attempt to make sure that we are providing the best possible solution for each individual. One real example from Maureen:

Our resident was unsure if she had Medicaid or not. Recently she had received waiver services, which automatically qualifies one for Medicaid. Unfortunately she was unaware of this. Our resident had a PACE card, prescription card and an ACCESS card – not knowing which were current, and which were not. After Maureen researched and verified her coverage, she did have both Medicare and Medicaid. Our resident had a plan that was approximately $70 per month that did not coordinate with Medicaid. She also paid for at least 5 different over-the-counter vitamins. She was able to save the $70 per month in addition to the co-pays that she was paying for the over-the-counter medicines. Total savings were approximately $140 a month.

The Best Care

Our team strives to be an asset to our seniors. Sometimes it involves purchasing or switching plans, sometimes it doesn’t. Maureen spent time with a resident, and did not receive any payment or commission. So it was special when our resident wrote this to Maureen:

“Dear Ms. Sullivan,
Just a note to “Thank You” so much for the prescription plan information. I called PACE and they also gave me so much information. I’m going with the Silver Script Classic and PACE. And I’m so blessed to have people like you, so willing to go the extra mile to help. I also thank you for getting back to me right away.”

Maureen says, “It was very sweet of her to send the note. It is what keeps you going in this business.”

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