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Medicare 101: Get Help Choosing Your Medicare Plan

Medicare 101 Erin Hart Liz Hagan Kanche

Medicare 101 from American HealthCare Group

Do you need help…

…understanding Medicare?

…picking the best insurance plan for your needs?

…learning about your Medicare Prescription Drug plans?

Free Medicare Help

We offer free Medicare help for all Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement (Medigap), and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.

Our licensed Medicare 101 team members can make in-home visits or you can meet at our office in Greentree, in the south hills area of Pittsburgh, PA.

The Medicare 101 Team

Contact any of our team members below to get started choosing the right Medicare plan.

Erin Hart Medicare 101 PIttsburgh

Erin Hart

Contact Erin:
Liz Hagan Kanche, Medicare 101 Pittsburgh

Liz Hagan Kanche

Contact Liz:

Maureen Sullivan

Contact Maureen:

Karen DuVall

Contact Karen:

Educational Medicare 101 Newsletters

Download our latest Medicare newsletters to share with family and friends.

Group Education

We also conduct on-site Medicare 101 Talks with Q&A sessions.  Learn more on our Medicare Group Education Page

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