Schedule On-site Immunizations

Schedule Your Immunization Clinic for 2017!

Why make a special trip to your doctor or pharmacy when you can get multiple immunizations at your office, community center, or school?

We are now scheduling for the upcoming 2017 Flu season and have other immunizations available.

Give us a little bit of information so we can contact you to schedule your on-site immunization clinics.

  • American HealthCare Group offers several immunizations beyond the seasonal flu. Which immunizations are you interested in offering to at your Onsite Clinic?
  • How many employees took advantage of your on-site Flu Shot Clinic last year?
  • We understand not all employees can be reached onsite on the same day. Which scheduling services would you like to discuss?
  • American HealthCare Group can bill the cost of the immunization to your insurance. Please let us know how you would like to pay for the immunization services.
  • Your Contact Information

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