PAIC Recognition Received for On-site School Immunizations

“The Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition wholeheartedly supports American HealthCare Group…”


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American HealthCare Group recently received recognition from the Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition (PAIC) in support of our ongoing efforts to provide on-site immunization clinics in schools for students, teachers, and staff.

On-site immunization clinics for schools are important because they address a large body of people who can easily contract and spread influenza.  Also, younger children are one of the at-risk populations for influenza complications, making it especially important to immunize.

However, challenges from reductions in federal funding and from time constraints for parents make it difficult for this important group to be immunized.  The on-site flu shot clinics that American HealthCare Group administers make it easy for the entire population to be immunized and most of the immunizations are no cost to students, teachers, and staff when they are covered by insurance benefits.

PAIC Expresses Support for American HealthCare Group

The letter in its entirety can be read here:

Dear Mr. Hagan,

The Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition wholeheartedly supports American HealthCare Group for your efforts to bring vaccine clinics to schools and workplaces within Allegheny County, and now, in many other counties throughout Pennsylvania.


Ongoing reductions in (federal) 317 funding have resulted in the elimination of school immunization clinics supported by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and local public health offices.  PAIC is delighted that American HealthCare group is stepping up to this need to provide influenza and other recommended immunizations to students in the school setting.


We know that influenza can be easily transmitted through the school building very quickly – among students, teachers, and staff.  Protecting our students against influenza makes sense.  Annual influenza vaccination significantly decreases absenteeism due to influenza and ultimately decreases the incidence of influenza in their families and the community.


Time and time again, we hear from parents who find it very challenging to obtain influenza vaccination or “catch-up” vaccinations for their children.  Attempting to coordinate schedules between parents, students, and their primary care provider can be daunting.  Your organization provides such a convenient service parents and students.  School-based clinics also assist school nurses in bringing students into immunization compliance.


The Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition applauds American HealthCare Groups efforts to offer influenza and other recommended vaccinations economically, efficiently, and safely – often working with local public health to offer these vaccines to all students – insured and uninsured.


The Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition is proud to support the work of American HealthCare Group and value our partnership to increase the rates of annual influenza vaccination and all recommended vaccinations in Pennsylvania – among children and adults.



Joanne C. Sullivan

Executive Director

Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition

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