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Improving the quality of life for our long-term care residents.

American HealthCare Group provides Supportive Services that promote health and wellness and we are committed to improving the quality of life for residents in the affordable housing locations that we serve. That’s why we employ a part time nurse to assist our tenants in everything from taking daily blood pressure readings to coordinating transportation to medical appointments.

Benefits of On-site Nurses for Affordable Housing

Having a nurse available has increased the ability for our residents to age in place. It’s like having an additional member of the family who they can count on and trust to look after their well-being.

One of the most valuable parts of this program is the nurse is able to do a cursory assessment of the tenant’s medical needs and then refer them to a doctor if the need would present itself. This scenario has happened many times and can be life changing for the resident.

Joann: One Nurse’s story…

Our nurse JoAnn had a tenant who came to see her and she noticed that he was very pale. Upon questioning him, she found that he was not eating and was having stomach aches. She called and got him a doctor appointment immediately. After meeting with the doctor, it was determined that he needed to have surgery for gallbladder attacks. Our nurse, JoAnn, went one step further, though; Joann states, “When I learned which hospital he was going to, I called to verify the pre-op instructions and talked with the OR staff. The surgery was to be outpatient. When I shared with them that he lived alone, was vision impaired and was requesting he be kept overnight – they agreed to keep him so he could be monitored. I saw him the other day and he is home from the surgery with minimal post-op pain and is thriving.”

Our nurse Joann was able to thwart a potentially medically dangerous situation for this man.

JoAnn has been particularly helpful in assisting residents to obtain affordable medical equipment. She has procured hearing enhanced telephones which have given residents the ability to be able to communicate with friends and family.

Some residents have difficulty in setting up their weekly pill disbursements. JoAnn is there for them. A few residents cannot administer their own B12 injections. Again, JoAnn is there to assist. The tenant now does not need to make an additional trip to the doctor. Many of the residents have transportation issues getting to their appointments. This alleviates one less appointment they will need to make.

We asked the residents their thoughts on the advantages and benefits of having American HealthCare Group’s nurse, Joann, at Canon. They resoundingly feel the program enhances their quality of life. One tenant says, “She was wonderful to listen to all or any of my problems—I loved talking with her!!” Another tenant stated, “She is both very helpful & compassionate.”

As tenants become older they also become more withdrawn and depressed. JoAnn has been a great support to them and someone for them to lean on. True the program is designed to assist with wellness issues but it has also been about creating that sense of family and support that the tenants need. Wellness is not only looking at what goes into the body and dealing with medical issues, but it also dealing with a state of mind and positive attitudes and positive mental health.

Learn More About Supportive Services for Affordable Housing

American HealthCare Group provides Supportive Services in affordable housing communities for both families and seniors. Our unique health & wellness model is both cost-effective and ensures compliance with all regulations.

Visit our Supportive Services page for more details: Supportive Services for Affordable Housing

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